Consulting, Guidance & Tips for Agricultural Aviation Operations

Since 1999 I had the opportunity to help establish an ag aviation operation in south america, a small commercial airline, a few other ag aviation operations here and there, and recently a start up that is currently a successful operation.


This wonderful journey equipped me the practical knowledge to help others start an ag aviation operation or improve an established one.

AG Aviation Operations & Start Up

Are you thinking about starting an ag aviation operation but do not know where to start?

AG Aviation Operation Buyout

Were you given the opportunity to buyout an ag aviation operation owner?

AG Aviation Operation Expansion

Do you have an ag aviation operation and want to expand, add more services and improve your operations?

My Background

My name is Leo Heymann and I obtained my private pilot license in 1978, pilot instructor license in 1981, commercial pilot license in 1982, commercial first-class pilot license in 1983 and agricultural pilot license in 1987.

During my career as an agricultural pilot, I was able to observe essential aspects of the agricultural aviation operations that in most cases where neglected, such as the right airplane according to the acreage to treat, duration of the spray season in the area, possibility to extend the spraying area, fuel price, loading systems timing, chemicals, hangars, runways, colleagues, marketing, etc.


My Credentials

How Does it Work?

All the information I receive is totally confidential. I am not affiliated with any company, enterprise, or airplanes manufacturer. This service is national and international.
I speak English and Spanish.

Step 1

Send me an email, and I will send you a brief questionnaire. Once you send the questionnaire back, we will coordinate a meeting via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or Telephone, for a fee.

Step 2

If needed I can come to your location for a deeper analysis (extra fees will be applied)

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